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AirWave for free

Our AirWave Portable Internet Hire units are available FREE without any security deposit to established Motorhome/Campervan hire companies & FREE to local private Motorhome/Campervan/Caravan owners (security deposit may be required)



FREE WiFi in your Vehicle

Internet access when away is becoming more and more of a necessity especially if travelling with children or on those rainy days,  we can offer you a solution and without charge, with FREE WIFI using our portable hubspot which harnesses 4G/3G networks and our unlimited data plans.

Truly portable

Our hubspots are truly portable, as long as it has power its always working. Designed to be powered by a 12v system it can be used on the go when travelling via its car adapter and when on site using its uk 3 pin plug adapter. Our units contain our adapted airwave routers with a "3" network unlimited data sim and a distrubution system with a low 0.5ah power comsumption so our superfast signal can be shared with others via facebook check in.


Why we offer it for FREE

It's an advertising and sales platform for us, our AirWave hubspots have a wireless range of approx 80 mtrs so other users can also connect to our FREE WiFi units, as the units will typically be used in areas where other travellers are and 95% of our business is selling portable internet devices to these types of users it increases our business profile through social media.

Gaining further information

If you are a motorhome, campervan or caravan owner planning a trip within the uk and would like to use one of our hubspot devices whilst away for FREE then please get in contact. Contact Us