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How AirWave works

Ok so we guess your looking for answers as to what AirWave is and how it works, well here goes .......

The AirWave routers we supply work with ANY NETWORK SIM CARD by utilising the 3g/4g mobile networks, accessing super fast internet WITHOUT WIRES. The beauty of our especially adapted devices is their ability to use ANY NETWORK sim that includes data IN ANY LOCATION, so if your travelling in your car, truck, caravan, campervan or motorhome you'll always be connected.

Although ANY SIM can be used our own presonal preference are the "3" sims with their much higher data allowances and lower costs also offer GoBinge which includes unlimited netflix viewing without eating any of your data allowances. We use a "3" sime in our offices, at home and when we travel.

"3" Phone Sim package examples

Unlimited Data*/Phone Sim - From £22 per mth (Best value package) GoBinge included

30G Data/Phone Sim - From £18 per mth GoBinge included

12G Data/Phone Sim - From £14 per mth GoBinge Included

AirWave router features

  • Use ANY phone or data sim to increase your monthly data allowances
  • Reduced monthly costs
  • Superfast 4g internet speeds
  • Use at Home, on the Go or when Away
  • Connection for up to 10 devices at the same time
  • No fixed phoneline needed, no line rental
  • No installation required
  • Instant setup and access
  • Always Portable, moves when you move
  • Easy setup, no technical knowledge required
  • 14 day no quible return guarantee for your peace of mind.

Mobile data coverage varies by network provider, the following link can determine estimated coverage by postcode

All network coverage checker 99% Uk Coverage

Typical Speedtest Results below using a "3" phone sim from our suppliers in our AirWave portable router.

1. 4g Area speed test    2. 3g Area Speed Test ( with antenna )    3. 3g Area Test ( without antenna )

1 2 3

* "3" Unlimited data has a fair usage cap of 1000gb per mth with an EU roaming cap of 12gb per mth.


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