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Setup Help & Advice

Below you will find various setup, help & advice .....

AirWave Router setup

When you first receive your device it will be pre configured with its own SSID name and password which will be displayed on the front digital display after your full size sim has been installed.

  • Ensure your device is fully charged before first use
  • Remove the rear cover ( you'll find a slight indent on one corner of the unit to enable rear casing removal )
  • Remove the battery to see the sim location
  • Place full size sim into the sim location, replace battery and cover
  • Power up the device using the front power button
  • Your device will attempt to make a connection to your sim Internet service. (Apn setting changes may need to be made)

After your device has powered up refer to the SSID and password displayed on the front digital display and connect your devices to the network via your devices settings pages.

APN Profile settings

By default our adapted AirWave routers are configured to use the "3" network phone and data sims as they offer the best value for money on data allowances, however if you wish to use another network you will need to update the default APN settings.

  • Login to router at  default username and password is admin/admin.
  • Select the settings tab and click on new profile.
  • Enter in your profile name ( you can choose ) and username, password & APN details of your sim provider.
  • Click save, your device may reboot for the changes to take effect.

A link to the list of all network APN details are provided in all our order confirmation emails.

Router login

If you wish to keep track of data usage, connected devices or signal strength you can connect to your AirWave router by entering in your devices address bar when connected to the network, the default username and password for your router is admin/admin. Please note any changes you may make to any of the settings are done at your own risk and are not covered by any guarantees we offer, do not change any settings unless you are fully confident in what you are doing.

Network Coverage & Service interuptions

Our preferred provider of data services is "3" as they offer the highest data allowances at the lowest costs, their coverage checker can be found here. As with all network providers there are sometimes service interuptions, to check any current issues with the "3" network please click here.

Antenna Setup

Your window antenna is supplied with 4 suckers, slightly dampen these and attach to your window in a convienant place, the 2 connecter cables have TS9 adapters and connect to your router via the female connections of the router device. ( You will find the router female connections under a small flap on the bottom of the router )

Power supply

Our routers use a standard USB to Micro usb charging cable, once attached and plugged into a supply your device will charge  and show a charging level on the front display. A fully charged device can be used for approx 12hrs on internal battery power.

WiFi Extender setup

If purchesed with an AirWave router this will come to you pre configured and already match the routers SSID and password.

If purchased seperatly setup of the wifi extender will be required.

  • Plug in your Wifi Extender close to your router this will create a network called "WiFi Extender"
  • Connect a device with a browser to this new network ( no password is required )
  • Enter in your devices address bar to load the wifi extenders configuration pages
  • Enter the default username and passord of admin/admin and submit
  • When the next pages have loaded select Repeater mode
  • A list of nearby wifi networks will appear, select the network you wish the wifi repeater to connect too, by default our airwave routers have an SSID of AirWaveInternet.co.uk
  • Change the SSID name of the wifi repeater to match that of the main router including all capitalsation.
  • Enter the 8 digit wifi password ( displayed on router front screen ) of the main router in the password section and click apply to save the details
  • Your wifi repeater will reboot and apply the changes you have made, after reboot you will need to connect your devices to the newly named wifi connection and can move the extender to any black spot location.

After following the above your router and your wifi extender will have the same SSID name and password so your devices will seamlessly switch to whichever device is displaying the strongest signal.

WiFi Extender location

Place your wifi extender in a place that is away from the router but still within its range, once connected it will pick up the routers signals and transmit them to the radius of the wifi repeater, this will increase ( by repeating ) the wifi signals around your home. If configured by us before dispatch the wifi extender will have the same SSID name and password of your AirWave  router for seamless connection.

Device SMS feature

Your network provider may send network messages via sms to your device from time to time, these may consist of offers or data usage alerts, you will find the SMS tab within your router settings once logged it. Its advisable to make regular checks on SMS messages from time to time especially if not on an Unlimited plan to avoid over usage charges.

Go Binge

Go binge is a service offered by the "3" network which will allow unlimited data usage of NetFlix without using your data allowances, this is usally set ON by default but its always best to create an online account with the network to check this feature is enabled before overuse.

Data fair use policy

Most networks come with fair usage policies in place which may limit data usage when travelling abroad ( outside UK ), this limit is usually 12GB per month, please be aware of these limits when travelling outside of the UK s as over limit charges may apply.

Technical support can be contacted via emailing support@airwaveinternet.co.uk


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